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JAN 1, 2015
Telework: ‘Work from home’ project to begin

The ministry of Labor officially announced the new telework program , in the hope that it will encourage Saudi women to work, as well as open more employment opportunities for disabled people.. Read more

Dec 1, 2014
ANMAR IT Lunched E-FAX new service

E-fax: lets you send and receive faxes over the Internet, from any device with email access (yes, even your mobile phone). No more paper jams, busy signals or waiting by a fax machine.




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1- TeleWork


ANMAR IT TeleWork: Telework is working regularly from a place other than the office in most cases from a home office. It utilises information and communications technology to stay connected to colleagues and work systems.

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Anmar IT Provides suitable for Saudi women working environment to take to respond to the public in all fields queries on both the implementation of administrative work related to call centers services after training necessary training to provide quality service to the caller get to it , which in his residence or home through a single call service is provided through a number unified class of 9200 for all incoming connections.

Women and imposed traditions and customs it makes the broad market at work in many areas , but in all areas that do not require face -to-face meeting to provide Service such as nursing , secretarial work like all the office work and administrative work Translator of writing and the work of the computer mail and public works communications centers . Read More ...


2- Hosted Contact Center.

ANMAR IT Hosted Contact Center Service : Our customers consistently tell us that the speed and ease of our deployments make us stand out from the competition. Your contact center can be up and running in days, not months, and you can scale up or down with one easy phone call .

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ANMAR IT designs, develops, installs, hosts, trains, supports, maintains, and updates Anmar Contact centre to fit customers dynamic needs.

Using Anmar CC, agents receiving and answering calls could be located anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad. Agents are working from their offices or homes, can attend calls. An extension is created for each agent having an Internet connection. So, Kingdom wide calls to the 9200 will be answered by Agents , while internal communications or calls within extensions are going to be cost free (VoIP). Number of extensions given are up to 60 extensions (could be more), and number of concurrent calls are up to 30 concurrent calls (could be more).


A sophisticated reporting mechanism is available, where number of calls dialed, received, answered, missed, or dropped are given in details with a graphical representation. Also number of waiting calls, duration of each call, caller identification, average time of answering a call, as well as calls recording.

                                                                                                                        Read More ...



3- Ticketing System.

ANMAR IT Ticketing System (Help Disk): Provides a company, organization, or other entity can use to assign tickets to incoming queries and track further communications about them. It is a means of managing incoming inquiries, complaints, support requests, defect reports, and other communications.

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ANMAR IT Ticketing System has the ability to merge multiple requests about the same incident, thus making it possible to work on an incident rather than on singular requests. It is a multiuser system which means that multiple agents may work simultaneously on the tickets ,reading the incoming messages, bringing them in order, and answering them. It is highly scalable, capable of handling thousands of tickets per day and a nearly unlimited number of simultaneously working agents

By using a multilingual web user interface, ANMAR IT Ticketing System is usable independently from the respective operating systems since it is operated from a web browser . Furthermore, this facilitates the usage of ANMAR IT Ticketing System by external agents or even customers participating in, working on or contributing to tickets       Read More ...